Cloisonne Lapel Pin Badges

Our cloisonnè method of production follows same lines as our die struck option but goes one stage further, We make a die stamp the metal infill with enamel if needed as our die struck method but with our cloisonnè method we polish so the metal and the enamel sit at the same height so finished badge is small.

Pricing size is indicated to longest point allowing any shape of your choice and no extra cost.

Our cloisonnè method is aimed at the corporate market, Traditionalist among us, And designs that need that special finish please see below for example of orders we have produced.

Once confirmed we place into production and delivery time is approx. 3 weeks
( if you need quicker please ask as we will always try and help wherever possible )

On all enquiries received and before you commit to your order we send over visuals of what your design will look like and a visual for you to check design shape colours wording etc. And confirm you are happy to proceed for us to produce.