Photo Printed Pin Pages

Photo printed pin badges, Any shape any size.

Different production method to the die struck or cloisonnè method we offer, On our photo printed method we stamped out a metal shape to your request we then print onto that shape to your design and the we seal design with a epoxy resin covering giving a smooth finish Prices to longest point of design allowing any shape and with this method, Unlimited amount of colours allowed with price.

Ideal production method for intricate and multi colours designs and customer who are looking for a crisper reproduction of their design see below for examples of this method we have supplied.

Once confirmed we place into production and delivery time is approx. 3 weeks
( if you need quicker please ask as we will always try and help wherever possible )

On all enquiries received and before you commit to your order we send over visuals of what your design will look like and a visual for you to check design shape colours wording etc. and confirm you are happy to proceed for us to produce.